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By fundamentally altering the meaning of digital ownership, blockchain gaming helps developers and players benefit from:
    Trustless Gaming Community - Without โ€˜administratorsโ€™, players are directly responsible for maintaining a healthy gaming economy together, encouraging sustainable growth
    Asset Ownership - By storing everything on smart contracts, decentralized blockchain records ensure in-game transactions are secure regardless of gaming environment or external factors
    Play to Earn - DeFi elements including AMM, Marketplace, and Auction for maximizing financial use of digital assets, and incentives such as liquidity mining and NFT airdrops will boost the gaming economy. In-game purchases essentially become asset investments.
Web3Games is a new generation gaming ecosystem built on Substrate.
By bridging blockchain technology, NFTs and DeFi with virtual gaming, we offer solutions that build a unique network - from framework to tools - whereby users as โ€˜developersโ€™ can curate their own integrated gaming experience.

The Ecosystem

๐ŸŽฎ Blockchain Games
Our virtual games utilize NFTs and DeFi in creating its own metaverse. We are developing our first trading card game.

๐Ÿ›  Development Toolkits

Web3Games SDKs will comprise tutorial guides, digital asset development libraries, and integrations with game engines for easy adoption of blockchain.

๐Ÿช DeFi Facilities

DeFi applications are the core of Web3Games, including an automated market maker (AMM), marketplace and auction platforms based on Ethereum, BSC, and NEAR.

โ›“ Cross-Chain Network

Our blockchain for gamers and collectors is based on Substrate 3.0, providing core features to gather and interact digital assets across different chains.
Web3Games will be building games and toolkits on Ethereum and NEAR, so assets are operable across different chains.
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